MEWP operator (e-Training)

The e-training course includes all the most important requirements for the correct and safe use of a MEWP and the execution of work operations in order to ensure the safety of the operator and pedestrians, the longevity of the equipment and higher productivity.
Training materials and test in English.

Normative act - Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 137 "Procedure of technical supervision of lifts intended for lifting people", Directive 89/391/EEC.
A Certificate of completed training, "MEWP operator" (in Latvian and English), is issued for 5 years.

stpng.jpg Course fee: 50.00 eur (with VAT)

For companies: When applying for training several employees, we apply discounts, taking into account the number of participants. We provide training for groups in the premises of the company.

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