MEWP operator (ZOOM online training)

ZOOM online training


  • regulatory requirements. Classification of MEWP;
  • duties and responsibilities of the operator, use of PPE;
  • construction and stability of MEWP, factors affecting stability;
  • requirements for the start of operation, use and maintenance of the MEWP;
  • risk factors and requirements for occupational safety, electrical safety;
  • requirements for action in the event of accidents and emergencies.

Normative act - Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 137 "Procedures for the Technical Supervision of Lifts Intended for Lifting People", ISO 18878:2013.
Certificate of completed training is issued to graduates of the course for a period of 5 years. avpng.jpg

Course fee: 85.00 eur (with VAT). Fees for courses with registration ID06: 121,00 EUR

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