Dex27qkca6lwuytcawovqglcadgp337camienbwca8nxermca8whi95cab14zbwcau0tp4ucathabeecagnmce9car47qvxcakm24uwcamx906sca3z57zhca477inbca8mie03caohmf03calc83u2capy8zlkARBA DROŠĪBAS CENTRS was established in 2003 by professionals in the field of occupational safety and health, fire safety and food chain safety with previous experience in providing of such services either on an individual basis or as experts of other companies.

In 2005 SIA DARBA DROŠĪBAS CENTRS implemented and certified a management system according to the standard EN ISO 9001. In 2006 the company acquired the status A Competent Institution in occupational safety and health and established the Training Centre.

DARBA DROŠĪBAS CENTRS has been a solid partner of many companies and national and local regulatory authorities in organizing and supervising of processes related to occupational safety and health, fire safety and food chain safety for 15 years already. During this period, more than 2000 collaboration partners have been served: companies with various business profiles, national authorities, foreign merchants or their local branches, and many of them are being served/represented constantly.

The office address: Brīvības iela 106B, Rīga, LV–1001
Phone: +371 67274712
E-mail: ddc@osh.lv



The company’s competence covers occupational safety and health services ranging from free consultations to organizing of documentation and occupational safety and health processes of a company or institution in compliance with laws and regulations and needs of company or institution, and also internal supervision of the work environment and maintenance of the occupational safety and health system.



Our Training Centre is an educational institution that is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and implements licensed and accredited professional development programs for adults. In 2015 the Training Centre started implementation of training on occupational safety and health for work in the Northern Countries in cooperation with a Finnish training company.